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Name Of Publication Name Of Editor Price
Journal of Management and Science (JMS) Prof.Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI Rs. 2000.00/4 Issue
Non Olympic Times (International Journal of Physical Edication) Dr. Thiyagu Nagaraj Rs.150/4 Issue
Noble Book of World Records Prof.Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI Rs.1000/1 Issue
NOT Press Dr.Chandran Rs.5000

For Orders, Write to:

The Publisher Office Contact
Non Olympic Times
42G-Mettuthottam, Chinnavedamptti
Coimbatore-641049, (Tamilnadu) INDIA
Watsup : +91-9965408000

Silambam Association of India (SAI) is the only National Federation for "SILAMBAM SPORTS". Affiliated with NYKS, ISC, ASC, INOC & INOA

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